Wainscott Advisors is a registered investment advisor who provides investment advisory services for securities with a special emphasis on portfolio risk management. Robert Kanter (www.robertkanter.com) is the principal owner and sole proprietor of the firm.

With an emphasis on volatility, liquidity, covariance, and specification, we offer portfolio analysis and advisory services to clients regarding the management of their assets based upon an analysis of their individual needs. These services can range from broad, comprehensive, portfolio evaluation to consultive or single subject planning.

If you retain our firm we will meet with you to gather information about your financial circumstances and objectives. We charge a fee for this initial consultation. If you decide to move forward with our service, we will analyze your present portfolio with consideration of the world economic conditions as they presently exist and may exist in the future, and deliver a written report to you designed to form a basis to help you achieve your stated goals and objectives. After you receive the written report, we will discuss it with you in detail.

If you further engage us, we will provide you with recommendations as to how to allocate your investments among categories of assets in keeping with your financial goals. We can review your portfolio on a quarterly, or shorter-term basis at which time we may provide you with recommendations to change your asset allocation in an effort to remain consistent with changing economic conditions and your changing financial objectives. We do not execute orders or have discretion, and you are free at all times to accept or reject any of our recommendations. You would be responsible for implementation.

We charge a flat fee for the initial consultation and an hourly fee thereafter. A retainer (refundable) is required based on the estimated time to complete the written report and discussion thereof.

Please email WainscottAdv@aol.com with your contact information and any other information you would like to provide, or contact us by telephone at 917-345-2255. Confidentiality is assured.

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